You can lose 4 Kg BELLY FAT – for 3 Days with this REFRESHING DRINK

To make a flat and healthy looking belly you will might need long working hours at the gym. And what you may did not know is that there is another way to accomplish that since your diet accounts for 90% of how your abs look like. So start paying attention to the food you eat daily, if you want to have flat belly.

3 Day Weight Loss Drink – Recipe

Here we will present you one recipe with which you can give your abdominal muscles the perfect shape that you always wanted.

This easy to make fat –burning drink is highly effective and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare. Also a great way to start healthy diet.


First take a lot of fresh parsley and put it in blender so you can blend it .Then squeeze one lemon and the juice that you have got from it add it to the parsley. At the end put a half cup of water in this mixture and blend it again for a couple of more minutes.

This drink works fast and you will be able to see the results in the first 2-3 is effective due to vitamins that are crucial for proper digestion and are component of parsley. Also lemons contribute in this process because they are highly beneficial for fat burning. Not only that you will get a flat belly with this drink, but all you will improve your metabolism.

It is supposed to be taken on empty stomach for 5 days every morning, then take a break for 10 days and repeat if you want.

Other drinks you can consider

These are some of the beneficial refreshing beverages that you can also include in your diet to stimulate the weight loss process.

Flavored Water:

Cut different fruits and vegetables and then put them in a mug filled with cold water. With this you get watery bomb of vitamins that your body needs

Green tea:

Make a fresh green tea and drink it when it is cold. It will improve your digestion and will make you belly fat disappear. If you want you may add honey to sweeten it up a little bit.

Watermelon smoothie:

Since it contains a lot of water, it makes it the perfect ingredient for smoothies .To make the perfect smoothie combine watermelon with ice and yoghurt

This all is promising, but you need to be patient, work hard  and do not lose hope . Consuming this parsley –lemon juice daily you will soon see the results.