8 Foods You Need to Stop Eating Right Now Because They Cause Cancer to Grow

Around 1.5 million people worldwide are diagnosed with some type of cancer. This is the reason why people are becoming more cautious of the foods they eat since some of them can cause cancer cells to grow.

Here are the 8 foods that you need to stop eating right now:

1. Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are bad for your health, because the can gets lined with bisphenol- A or BPA, a chemical that has a great effect on the body similar to how genes react in the cerebrum. Stop eating canned tomatoes and use fresh, organic instead.

2. Farmed salmon

Farmed fish are fed with foods that contain antibiotics, pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals. Farmed salmon gets fed with these foods to get the reddish pink color. Farmed salmon can also contain sea lice, mercury, PCB, cancer causing dioxins and it has less omega-3 fatty acids. Next time you buy salmon, make sure it’s fresh.

3. Soda pop

If you drink soda every day, you’re more likely to get a stroke. When you drink soda every day, you spike your glucose levels and develop insulin resistance. Soda is bad since it contains artificial colorings that are carcinogenic.

4. Potato chips

Potato chips are packed with fat and calories and will make you gain weight very quickly. Potato chips also contain a lot of artificial colors and additives that are carcinogenic.

5. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which is a poisonous chemical. An overexposure to the chemical can cause kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancer.

6. Genetically modified foods

GMO foods are foods grown with chemicals. These foods can damage the immune system, brain, liver and can cause cancer cell growth.

7. Highly smoked, salted and pickled foods

Foods with nitrites can cause cancer. Salami, bacon and sausages are not only high in sodium, but they’re also known to cause colorectal cancer.

8. Refined sugar

Refined sugars will raise your insulin levels and cause cancer cells to grow since they feed on sugars. Cancer cells feed on fructose-rich sweeteners.