A 3 Juices Detox Recipe. An Easy Way to Remove All the Toxins From the Colon!

In this article you will see how to make this amazing detox drink that cleanses and helps with constipation, IBS, leaky gut and digestion issues. The colon is responsible for waste removal and this means working properly with the toxins. Do not worry, you can remove bad signs and soothe them with a cleanse.

We said, this cleanse is crucial and you can do it without a doctor of course. At your own home! You will cleanse the toxins and remove any discomfort or constipation. But, plan it ahead to be at home to make sure the colon and intestines adjust well to this cleanse and waste removal.

How to do it?

Experts say you must drink this in the morning before breakfast. Then again before lunch like fish and steamed veggies, and in the afternoon. Also, have 8 glasses water per day. Reduce liquids after 5 pm to sleep better at night.

Home DIY cleanse for the colon – 3 juices

You need:
  • ½ cup apple juice, organic
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp ginger juice, fresh
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup warm water



Simple really, you just get one glass and a spoon. Put almost 4 oz of the water in a pan to warm up. Put it in the glass once is warm and add the salt. Mix and stir. The salt gives some benefit to waste removal and pushing the waste easily with fast digestion.

Then add the apple juice and lemon juice and mix again. The apple is for overall health and healthy colon too. A study stated that If you eat apple daily you really need few meds if none at all? And ginger, it reduces bloating, works up the colon and removes toxins faster. The lemon speeds up this digestion process and gives you vitamin C antioxidants too.

There are some risks

This cleanse usually is perfectly safe. But, still talk with some experts or doctors before you make it. And talk with him if you have allergies, prescribed meds, pregnancy, disease and so on. If you are diabetic be careful with the juice since it has natural sugars from the apple. After a week, pause this treatment.