WHILE NO ONE WAS LOOKING: Obama Just Stabbed Every Disabled Person In The Back!

he Obama administration is in overdrive. They are trying to pack as much crap into his final weeks.

*** Look at the disgusting thing that he did while nobody was doing!

Obama just took away the second Amendment rights from SSI recipients. Last week, Obama has put the finishing touches on a policy that will deprive all recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of the Second Amendment.

It is now considering these people “mental defectives” according to the new law and is declaring that the second Amendment doesn’t apply to them.

According to Breitbart, Obama has officially finalized the social security gun ban. This will prevent elderly citizens from purchasing guns.

God! Obama is such a traitor. Now, he has determined that gun rights can be taken away from tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens before he leaves office. Thank God he is gone in two weeks. (h/t Breitbart, PJ Media)(flickr)

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