Sean Spicer Got ATTACKED Last Night! What He Did Next Was UNTHINKABLE!

Press Secretary Sean Spicer went to an Apple store last night to get a new charger. What he got instead was ATTACKED by an insane liberal!

The crazy Socialist, Shree Chauhan, confronted Spicer and started screaming at him, accusing him of working for Russia and saying Trump is a Fascist.

Psycho Shree didn’t stop there, though. She kept shoving her phone in his face in some desperate “social justice warrior” act.

She was even dumb enough to film the ASSAULT!

What is most shocking, though, is how Sean Spicer reacted. While MOST people would have fought back, he kept his cool, and even mentioned how great it is that CRAZY people like her have freedom in this country.

You know what that is? That’s called being a class act even when she CLEARLY didn’t deserve it.

She even had the nerve to call Sean Spicer a RACIST for complimenting her right to free speech. Luckily he is not hurt, but if this is what he has to put up with, he NEEDS our prayers.