UNFORGIVABLE! What Liberals Just Did To Kellyanne Conway Is BEYOND Sick! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Modern day liberals have absolutely NO SHAME! I mean sure, the hippy movement was bad, but these new ones make hippies look like nuns! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at what they are doing to Kellyanne Conway, a HERO of women.

So some liberals were out browsing the web and came across THIS picture of actor Patrick Stewart in drag:

Now, he did this back in 2016 and meant no harm by it. However, the leftists decided “Oh, he looks kinda like Kellyanne Conway.” So what did they do with it?

The Democrats are now pushing Stewart and SNL to do new skits where he plays Kellyanne!

This is not just sad, it’s plain disrespectful.

We are talking about a hard working mother of 3 who STILL found time and energy needed to become the first woman EVER to manage a winning US Presidential campaign!

While SNL and Stewart have not confirmed anything, you can bet that the Leftist TROLLS are working hard to make their dreams come true.

Now, there is nothing wrong with making fun of public figures if it’s done FAIRLY, but we all know SNL will not do that. That’s why we gotta fight back and protect Kellyanne Conway from their abuse.

The best ways to do this are STOP watching SNL and share this to let them know this is one step TOO FAR!