California Just Passed Their OWN Travel Ban And You Won’t BELIEVE Who They’re Kicking Out!

For as much as liberals have refused President Donald Trump’s travel ban, even getting judges to block his every executive order on the matter, it comes as a surprise that they would pass their own travel ban — that is until it’s found out who they’re excluding. In a move that defies their own argument against Trump’s “Muslim ban,” the state of California just stuck it to thousands of residents in their state who are now having to urgently make new plans.

The sole exclusion within California’s travel ban is even crazy for that state who never ceases to amaze the rest of the country with their anti-constitutional idiocy. While Trump’s travel ban was aimed at protecting Americans from the potential of terrorism coming in from terrorist-tied countries, California is hoping to prevent pro-family principles from becoming too popular in America.

After months of preparing to go to college, the excitement of an acceptance into a university they picked was just squelched with the passing of the state’s new travel ban. “Students that have prepared for months to make presentations of their research have been told to cancel their plans,” Phyllis Schlafley Eagles reported. This applies to all students going to school in states that oppose gay rights, as well as athletes in those states who want to compete in California. Whether coming or going, it can now no longer happen under the new ban, according to the LA Times.

“While liberals around the country were busy complaining about President Trump’s travel ban that sought to stop the onslaught of outrageous aggression, the liberals in California made their own travel ban against religious expression. According to a new California law, public universities are no longer allowed to send students to states that oppose gay rights,” PSE blog wrote. “Athletes have been told not to expect any games with rivaling teams from states like Tennessee, Kansas, or North Carolina. The logic is that California doesn’t want taxpayer dollars going to states that hold conservative, pro-family principles.”

What’s truly disturbing about this, isn’t the already known fact that liberals will go to great lengths to silence and even punish those who disagree with them — it’s that they are prioritizing gay rights over someome’s ability to get an education wherever they so choose.